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"We seem to keep renting to the wrong people ... our turnover rate is through the roof! Not to mention the reputation we're getting!"

"The cost incurred to evict a horrible tenant we had was incredible. Never again!"

Welcome to ESS Inc., a private investigative agency making screenings and background checks an easy proposition. We have evolved to meet all of your background screening needs, be it Tenant Screening, Employment Screening or Litigation, Due Diligence & Investigative Screening. Whether you have 1 tenant or 1,000, 1 employee or 1,000 your needs are the same. Leasing or hiring right the first time. Reducing turnover, training and administrative costs. Minimizing lawsuits. Boosting morale and property values. Attracting quality tenants and employees. And whether you are a professional or individual, your needs are the same. Preventing trouble for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients. Keeping yourself, your loved ones, and your clients safe!

"We really weren't sure if this guy had anything in the way of assets. We spent so much money suing him for nothing!" 

"Something just seemed off about our new volunteer coach. A background check revealed battery and indecent exposure convictions. We initiated guidelines for acceptance of all our volunteer coaches after that!"

You've done your tenant screenings and employment screenings and now you need to perform other due diligence? Use the Nationwide Criminal History or Instant Nationwide Criminal History Search search to learn more about who is watching your children, volunteering, coaching, working on your house, who you or a loved one is really dating, or who your roommate is or will be, just to name a few scenarios in which "better safe than sorry" applies. Use the Assets Check to determine if litigation, a loan or investment makes sense, if a judgment is collectible, if forging a business relationship is a good idea, you suspect fraud, need to secure leverage in a divorce or child support proceeding. Need to find someone crucial to a legal proceeding, who owes a debt, needs to be served, has skipped bail, whose car is being repossessed, or whom you are trying to inform about assets or an inheritance? Use the Person Locator/Skip Tracer search. Or use the Vehicle Owner Registration search to determine who is illegally parked and might need to be towed. Regardless of your needs ESS uses the latest technology to provide fast, easy access to critical information provided only by legal and ethical sources to ensure compliance with the FCRA, DPPA, GLBA, EEOC and ADA.

"The cost of doing our background checks is astronomical!"

With ESS, there are no set-up fees, term contracts or monthly minimum charges. You get everything you need to make smart decisions for as little as $20 per search (less with volume discounts). No matter your needs you may order securely and confidentially online at your convenience, 24/7. View most results online and via email within an hour. The Instant Criminal Record Check, as the name implies, will appear instantly on your screen, and be sent to your email. All of your easy-to-understand search results will be stored in your account for 30 days so you can view, download, forward, print, save and review at your convenience.

"We didn't do a background check on what appeared to be a perfect candidate for our company. Now we're paying for it!"

ESS is dedicated to helping landlords, communities and employers create protected and profitable environments as well as those involved in litigation, investing and investigation save time and money, and ensure you, your loved ones and clients remain safe. Record results come from all 50 states and US territories, and most countries. Order online now ... you're just a click away from making sound decisions and enjoying peace of mind.

"We hire over 1,000 independent contractors seasonally per year and can't risk exposure for any wrongdoing. You better believe we screen each and every one!"

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